KP Board of Technical & Commerce Education, Peshawar
Who should attest my examination admission form, photographs and other documents?
The Principal of your college/Institution or his authorized nominee should attest the examination admission form(s)/photographs and other documents.
Can I write my name on the answer book?
No. Disclosure of identity in the answer book by writing name or any thing else shall be treated as an unlawful act under the rules.
I forgot to write my Roll Number on Answer book in the Physics paper. Please tell me about the course of action at this stage.
Send an application to the effect to the Controller of Examinations .If the examination is in progress, then the Center Superintendent should be informed and he will then send the application to the Board.
I have submitted examination form. Can I change elective subject now?
No. Elective subjects once opted at the time of admission cannot be changed under the rules.
My son is student of GCT, Peshawar and the institution had sent his admission form for the DAE 2nd year Annual Examination, 2004. Now I have been transferred to Kohat. Is it possible that my son be allowed to appear from Kohat?
In case, your son has migrated, then he can appear from Kohat Center, else he shall have to obtain change of center form from the Board of Technical Education and process the form as per rules already printed on back side of the form.
When should I apply for change of examination center of my son?
Application for the change of examination center is entertained up to 15 days before the commencement of examination.
I submitted admission form as a regular candidate for DAE 1st year Annual Examination but could not appear in the examination. Can I appear in Supplementary examination?
No. 1st year and 2nd year DAE students are not allowed to appear in Supplementary examination till they are on the roll of the institution.
Can I improve my marks in the Supplementary examination?
A candidate who has passed the examination shall be eligible to improve his result in one opportunity in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa BTE by appearing as a private candidate in 1st year, 2nd year or 3rd year or in any combination of years in the same course (only theory subjects) within a period of two consecutive chances after passing the 3rd year examination.
I submitted the admission form for improvement but could not appear in the examination. Can I get another chance for the purpose?
There are two chances for improvement. If one chance is missed, then there is only one chance left. But if the examination is not improved in the first chance, then there shall be no other chance.
Can I submit form for improvement of Math paper only?
Improvement is not allowed in only one paper.
I appeared in DAE 1st year Annual Examination and cleared all the papers, but I am not satisfied with the result and want to repeat all the papers. Can I?
No. You can improve the result after passing the 3rd year examination as per rules for improvement of marks/grades.
When should I apply for re-totalling of answer book?
A candidate should apply within 15 days of the declaration of result.
Does re-totalling mean reassessment?
The answer book of a candidate cannot be reassessed or re-evaluated in re-totalling. It is mere to tally the awarded marks inside the answer book(s) with that indicated on the title page.
Can I see my answer books?
No. The candidate or any body on his behalf has no right to see the answer books.
In case my marks decrease, would my previous result be intact and can I retain the mark sheet?
If marks of a candidate are decreased due to any discrepancy by virtue of re-totalling, it shall be recorded accordingly and revised mark sheet will be issued after the previous one is surrendered. Mark sheet needed by the Board for correction cannot be retained. The Board can take action against the defaulter under the Board’s rules.
What are minimum passing marks in a paper?
The minimun passing marks for each discipline are as follows: S.No. Discipline Minimun Passing Marks (Theory) Minimum Passing Marks (Practical)
  • DAE 40% 50%
  • DCOM 40% 50%
  • DBA 40% 50%
  • DIT 40% 50%
  • G-II 40% 60%
  • G-III 40% 60%
  • EEEP 33% 50%
  • Women Vocational 33% 33%
  • TSC 33% 50%
Do I require to pass both practical and theory of a subject separately?
Where a subject involves practical, it is necessary for a candidate to pass theory and practical separately.
What does it mean by "special examination center"?
Special examination center is constituted in case the number of candidates of an institution is less than the minimum number required to appear from a center i.e. 40 boys or 20 girls.
I have deposited the required fee, however, could not submit the admission form for the examination. Shall Board refund the same?
The Board will refund the same after deducting 10% of the fee on account of service charges.

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